Who are we

IBE Partnership LLP  is a leading collaborative working construction consultants/counsellors and mentors who provide strategic and project advice and support to the public and private sector, with micro, SME and large organisations within the construction and facilities management sectors in the UK, Middle East, Americas and Far East.

At IBE Partnership we provide a powerful combination of knowledge and expertise in collaborative working, supply chain management, integrated project management, lean construction techniques, sustainability and continuous improvement tools that allow YOU to deliver “More with Less

For Clients this meansMore Business Value and Greater Customer Satisfaction with Less Cost and Reduced Delivery Time

For The Supply Chain this means More Satisfied Customers with Less Effort; More Profitable, Efficient, Faster and Predictable Delivery through a More Satisfied Workforce with Less Accidents, Less Waste, Less Resources, Less Carbon

Since 2003 we have trained and mentored public and private sector clients in establishing long term relationships with their key supply chain partners as well as train coach and assist the establishment of Integrated Project Teams to optimise their construction processes and deliver better value through the implementation of Collaborative Working.

 Please have a look around our site which we hope will give you a better understanding of who we are and we go about our business .

If you would like further information about us or have any questions which regards to how we could help you, please do not hesitate to contact us