Tool Kits


Through years of experience, we have designed management tools which encourage collaborative working and Business/Project improvement as well as carbon management toolkits to aid responsible construction. Currently we have three toolkits focusing on sustainable construction, integrated planning and continuous improvement. 



Construct CO2 is a web based tool providing simple, practical and systematic approach to measuring organisational and project carbon emissions that enables companies and Project Teams to re-engineer their business, design, procurement, logistics and construction processes to minimise their carbon footprint. 

  • Measure and benchmark your construction carbon footprint.

  • Map your supply chain to demonstrate construction carbon miles footprint.

  • Understand your footprint to enable Improvement

Construction organisations must therefore manage their carbon emissions from their own direct activities in their offices and their projects.

These include:

  • Journeys made by Admin, Management and Visitors.

  • Operatives, Deliveries and Waste.

  • Utilised gas, water, electricity and plant fuel.              ​

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Integrated Team Planning is a cloud-based solution with the underline principles of Last Planner    that Empowers Project Teams to Collaborate, Coordinate and Communicate their plans effectively and efficiently from anywhere.

InTeamPlan removes waste from the process it makes plans more predictable and delivers projects faster and cheaper. 


InTeamPlan enables all team members to simultaneously collaborate with pull planning on site or while working remotely. Its flexible creation of bespoke Activities and Digital Day Cards, together with AI Clash Detection and Drag & Drop function makes it easy and simple to use by everyone in the supply chain. 

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KPI Hubs

KPI Hub is an information sharing and benchmarking project data between Clients, Consultants and Contractors. It measures, collates and communicates key performance indicators amongst signed up parties and contribute to continuous improvement of processes and outcomes and enable benchmarking with organisations outside the Hub.

We have three KPI hubs:

Kent KPI, Orbis KPI and

CIF OHS Stats. 

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