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Knowledge Tree

We are a team of leading advocates and mentors of Collaborative Working for the global built environment and have over 40 years of industry experience. IBE Partnership has received awards, featured in major publications and created articles which we hope will drive the construction sector into a more Sustainable Future.

The Machine that Changed the World

The main book I would recommend to anyone who wants to make a difference in the built environment is 'The Machine that Changed the World' by James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Roos. Every page is a gold mine!! I bought a number of copies over the last 30 years and ended up lending them all to newcomers of collaborative working!!

My working life changed on the 16th November 1992 when I first met Sir John Egan. I had the honour of working with him on testing out 'Rethinking Construction' in BAA. The Egan Report in my opinion is "the only way to deliver projects in the built environment" and a must read for everyone in the industry.  

Sir John Egan's Rethinking Construction

Baxall - Robust Carbon Management

An in depth case study by Baxall Construction and their use of ConstructCO2 to work towards net zero carbon. Baxall are an incredible client and we are proud to be aiding in the transformation of low carbon construction.

FutuREstorative Book By Martin Brown

Martin Brown's RIBA book 'FutuREstorative: Working Towards a New Sustainability' aims to further the debate on new sustainability thinking in the built environment. The book is a unique and advanced insight into sustainability thinking, development and action.  

Transforming Construction - Low Carbon Future

Construct CO2 aiding in the Transformation of Construction by Delivering a Low Carbon Future as per the new 'Handbook for Main Contractors' by NFB. Thank you to all our NFB members for your continued support. 

10 Reasons to use our ConstructCO2 toolkit

We have compiled our top 10 Reasons to monitor your construction carbons using ConstructCO2. As a practical construction carbon measurement tool, our web-based toolkit can help you measure, understand and improve your CO2 footprint.

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