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Since 2001 we have trained and mentored public and private sector clients in establishing long term relationships with their key supply chain partners as well as train, coach and assist the establishment of Integrated Project Teams to optimise their construction processes and deliver better value  for ALL stakeholders through the implementation of Collaborative Working.

Our approach has been shown to not only reduce costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness of the client organisations and contractors we work with, it also acts as a catalyst of change, where businesses become unrecognisable from how they operated before we became involved.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Collaborative Working Approach has been developed since the launch of Rethinking Construction in the UK,1997, through a number of Egan based pathfinder projects including, Defence Estates Prime Contracting, NHS Estates Procure21, BAA, Lloyds TSB, Asda, and Social Housing Providers such as Fusion21, Coastal Housing Group and Family Housing Association to name but a few.

Trust, Honesty, Openness and Flexibility

Are the the foundations  of our ALL our Services and Relationships with our Customers. We Always project six ethical values that support our Collaborative Working Approach:

  • Fairness: Team members being fair and objective; dealing with others as they would like be treated themselves.

  • Unity: Working together as members of one team with a common goal.    


  • Seamless: Every team member can take action on behalf of the whole team.                    

  • Initiative: Team members challenging themselves and others to find creative solutions to problems, adding value. 


  • Openness: Team members relationships are based on openness, honesty and trust, both inside and outside of the team.

  • No Blame: Team members trust each other to do what they believe is best for the team and the enterprise;  problems are resolved without recrimination.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


IBE Partnership is a team of leading consultants, counsellors and mentors who provide strategic and project advice to organisations within the construction and facilities management sectors in the UK, Middle East, Americas and Far East.

Benefits of IBE Partnership

Having been involved in numerous projects throughout UK and the Middle East and from our own direct experiences in implementing a Collaborative Working Principles, Processes and Tools there are opportunities to realise 7.5% - 10% savings on Capital and Maintenance Programmes / Projects year in year out.

Best Value is underpinned through a number of potential benefits in implementing the proposed delivery strategy that will include, but not be limited to, the following:


Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Greater understanding of the client and its customers' needs by the dedicated workforce responsible for both planned and reactive.

  • Improved quality of service and product (defects) from workforce having ownership of the whole life of the property and the products/components they have installed/maintained.

  • Less number of different suppliers involved in the process – coordinated and Integrated Teams.

  • Pro-actively increasing the amount of Planned works versus the need for Reactive – continuous reduction of reactive call outs.

  • More added value works to be carried out from saving opportunities.

  • Reduced time spend in customers properties by improving the processes.


An Improved Client

  • Greater understanding of clients assets – with surveyors concentrating on understanding their customer and properties needs rather than man-marking and checking contractors works.

  • Greater understanding of true costs and risks associated with their works program and be able to pro-actively manage the process.

  • Greater predictability of delivery, cost and service to their customers.

  • More motivated and empowered workforce through greater job satisfaction in been involved in activities that add value to the individual, the client and the customers – this will include the elimination of large number of invoices and the non-added value processes to process them.​​

  • Delivering social and community sustainable benefits through generation of employment and training opportunities through their contractors and maintenance programs.


Savings on Contractors Operational Costs

  • Converting from rates to open book costs of material, labour, plant and risk.

  • Work smoothing programs delivered by dedicated, direct employed named workforce.

  • Management and pro-active elimination of risk.

  • Elimination of waste from the delivery, installation and maintenance processes.


Savings on Contractors Overheads and Management Costs

  • Elimination of some duplicate management and supervisory roles through process and procedural review and removal of man marking.

  • Better understanding of properties and their components, enabling them to plan and pro-actively procure parts and holding stock.

  • Streamlining of invoices and payment processes reducing wasteful activities.

  • Improvements of project times by continually identifying and eliminating wasteful activities from the process.

Benefits of IBE Partnership

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