Our Approach

Our Collaborative Working Approach has been developed since the launch of Rethinking Construction in the UK through a number of Egan based pathfinder projects including, Defence Estates Prime Contracting, NHS Estates Procure21, BAA, Lloyds TSB, Asda, and Social Housing Providers such as Fusion21, Coastal Housing Group and Integrate to name but a few.

Trust, Honesty, Openness and Flexibility – These values need to be projected from the start of the Partnership, though the selection criteria, and be reinforced through the Partnership Framework/Charter to be signed by ALL and then continuously monitored and reported for continuous improvement action. We recommend six ethical values that support collaborative working:

  • Fairness: Team members being fair and objective; dealing with others as they would like be treated themselves
  • Unity: Working together as members of one team with a common goal
  • Seamless: Every team member can take action on behalf of the whole team; Team members being able to think and act beyond personal boundaries
  • Initiative: Team members challenging themselves and others to find creative solutions to problems, adding value
  • Openness: Team members relationships are based on openness, honesty and trust, both inside and outside of the team
  • No Blame: Team members trust each other to do what they believe is best for the team and the enterprise;  problems are resolved without recrimination