Having been involved in numerous projects throughout UK and the Middle East and from our own direct experiences in implementing a collaborative working approach there are opportunities to realize 7.5% - 10% savings on the annual development and maintenance spend year in year out.

Best Value will be underpinned through a number of potential benefits in implementing the proposed delivery strategy that will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Savings on contractors overheads and management costs by
    • elimination of some duplicate management and supervisory roles through process and procedural review and removal of man marking
    • better understanding of properties and their components, enabling them to plan and pro-actively procure parts and holding stock
    • streamlining of invoices and payment processes reducing wasteful activities
    • improvements of project times by continually identifying and eliminating wasteful activities from the process
  2. Savings on contractors operational costs by
    • Converting from rates to open book costs of material, labour, plant and risk
    • Work smoothing programs delivered by dedicated, direct employed named workforce
    • Management and pro-active elimination of risk
    • Elimination of waste from the delivery, installation and maintenance processes
  3. Improved customer satisfaction due to
    • Greater understanding of the client and its customers' needs by the dedicated workforce responsible for both planned and reactive
    • Improved quality of service and product (defects) from workforce having ownership of the whole life of the property and the products/components they have installed/maintained
    • Less number of different suppliers involved in the process – coordinated and Integrated Teams
    • Pro-actively increasing the amount of Planned works versus the need for Reactive – continuous reduction of reactive call outs
    • More added value works to be carried out from saving opportunities
    • Reduced time spend in customers properties by improving the processes
  4. An Improved Client
    • Greater understanding of clients assets – with surveyors concentrating on understanding their customer and properties needs rather than man-marking and checking contractors works
    • Greater understanding of true costs and risks associated with their works program and be able to pro-actively manage the process
    • Greater predictability of delivery, cost and service to their customers
    • More motivated and empowered workforce through greater job satisfaction in been involved in activities that add value to the individual, the client and the customers – this will include the elimination of large number of invoices and the non-added value processes to process them
    • A more attractive client to work with and for by being innovative and demonstrating pathfinder qualities and principles
    • Delivering social and community sustainable benefits through generation of new employment and training opportunities through their contractors and maintenance programs

Impact of Collaborative Working on Project Delivery Time & Design/Management Resources