Project Advisors & Mentors

Forming integrated teams and working collaboratively isn’t straight forward we know this from our role as strategic construction advisors and mentors to consortiums and individual clients and contractors.

IBE Partnership are appointed as project advisors by many of our clients on new build and maintenance projects as part of the team to co-ordinate, advise and mentor the client, consultants, contractors and framework suppliers in the introduction of integrated team working.

We plug the knowledge gap for our clients and the project team by bringing our experience from working in integrated teams to help the project deliver effective collaborative working.

The support we provide is a ‘learning while doing’ approach, where IBE Partnership will lead the introduction of integrated team processes, shadowed by the client, consultants and contractors.

We will provide and advice and mentor the project team in:

  • Form the Team and the Collaborative Project Process.
  • Developing an Integrated Team approach - Project Leadership & Clustering.
  • Strategic Brief Development.
  • Pre contract project brief agreement and outline design.
  • Pre Contract Collaborative Target Cost Setting.
  • Pre and Post Contract Planning.
  • Collaborative Contract Support.
  • Post Contract – Cost Management and Valuations.
  • Detailed Contract Programme and Planning Support.
  • Collaborative Project Co-ordination.