Private Client

We have worked with or are currently working with:

  •  BAA – Developed and tested the T5 Delivery Process on project Genesis prior its implementation on the £4billion Heathrow T5(£4billion). The process was then integrated within the UK’s Rethinking Construction Report by Sir John Egan.
  • Lloyds TSB – Strategic Contractors Framework Procurement and Collaborative Working Advisor on their store refurbishment annual programme circa £1b
  • Asda Supermarket – Implementation of Lean Construction on Development Programme – reduced typical 28 week construction programme to 18 weeks over 3 projects
  • Tesco Regeneration Programme – Implementation of Collaborative Planning at the Yardley £25m regeneration project
  • Manchester Airport Group - Strategic Consultants Framework Procurement and Collaborative Working Advisor for the capital works programme of circa £0.5b per annum