Contractors Consortia

Manchester Airport Group - Strategic Consultants Framework Procurement and Collaborative Working Advisor

We have facilitated, structured and implemented for National Federation of Builders (NFB) contractors, the formation of 10 regional consortia (local SME organisations with a combined turnover of £750m), over the last 3 years across England and Wales, that has enabled organisations which otherwise wouldn’t be able, to directly participate in their local public sector clients frameworks. This has resulted in winning a place on frameworks worth well over £5b and most cases winning over national and international construction companies. In addition it provides them a vehicle by which they can share and learn best practices as well as take advantage of an improved economy of scale opportunities. They include:

  • South East Constructors Consortium
  • Four Cornwall
  • Builders Consortium South West
  • IntegrateWM
  • NW3
  • Odyssey
  • FirstShire
  • A2S