People and Training

Collaborative working needs people and organisations with new skills; therefore a programme of people and organisational development needs to be implemented.

Forming a successful integrated collaborative process requires the project staff as well as key organisational staff involved in IT, Finance and other operational roles to come together for joint learning and development.

IBE Partnership have implemented several collaborative working learning programmes for individual clients and within many of our consortium based projects the programmes have become central to the change management process.

Learning Programme

The aim of the Learning Programme is to equip clients, contractors, consultants and the supply chain with the skills, knowledge and competencies that will enable them  to respond to the changes arising from collaborative working and new procurement methods. Individual Learning Programme are designed to meet key training needs arising from structured skills audit undertaken within the complete supply chain .  These needs are both behavioural and technical and the learning solutions are designed to meet the new demands arising from working collaboratively.

The Learning programme modules include:

Module 01Understanding Collaborative Working and Integrated Teamwork
Module 02Lead & Coach Skills
Module 03Open Book Cost Management
Module 04Collaborative Leadership & Change Management
Module 05Innovation and Creative Thinking Skills
Module 06Partnering Contracts
Module 07Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement Techniques
Module 08Integrated Planning Techniques
Module 09Process Mapping
Module 10Process Improvement - Lean Construction techniques
Module 11Value Management & Value Engineering in Practice
Module 12Developing Effective BIM Projects
Module 13Managing Project Risks
Module 14CSR
Module 15Waste Management
Module 16Environmental Sustainability

NFB - Bid to Win Training Programme

The UK construction over the last few years has moved into a new era of procurement, moving away from a traditional or historical lowest cost approach, to a collaborative, integrated approach where proven capability and performance in technical and soft aspects is as important or indeed more important than cost.

This series of modules take the organisations through the necessary practical steps to enable better performance in their bid management, increasing confidence and success potential.

The four modules are:

Module 01Before the Bid - You don’t win tenders at Bid Stage
Module 02The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – Getting a foot in the door
Module 03Detailed Bid – Technical Assessment
Module 04Interview and Presentation – The winning stroke