In addition to the UK operation, IBE has been serving the MENA Market since 2008 with projects and assignments in the UAE, Algeria, Syria and Qatar, and prospects in KSA.

As a result of undertaking construction management services for projects already in progress IBE has developed a model of assisting Client / Contractors by building and mentoring their in house capability rather than adding new team thus increasing our clients in house management capabilities and developing this capability with no significant extra cost that is not provisioned in the project budget.

Over the span of the last four years IBE Partnership has managed to acquire more than 20 business opportunities in the MENA region and continue pursuing future prospects with international partners providing total solutions for complex developments

IBE Partnership is committed to continue developing its capability to serve and provide the construction market with differentiated services and approaches based on collaboration and international best practice 

Our 6 key areas of expertise are the 6 Collaborative Working Principles/Processes

  1. Identifying and Understanding Customer Values
  2. Developing Long Term Relationships that are Strategic Critical to the delivery of projects/programme of works
  3. Developing Integrated Processes – Collaborative Design, Planning and Delivery
  4. Open Book Cost Management
  5. Continuous Improvement through Measurement – CICLOPS ( collaborative planning technique), KPIs, CCO2
  6. Developing People – Leadership and Culture

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