The construction industry like any other industry needs to contribute in minimising UKs CO2 emissions towards a Carbon level of 350ppm.

Although construction companies can indirectly assist designers and clients to minimise embedded and operational CO2 emissions through design and whole performance input, they can as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) directly contribute in minimising their own construction delivery process carbon emissions.

Having a “Minimising Carbon” strategy a constructor can meet the following CS Responsibilities:

  1. Economic – Carbon emissions are a “waste” – fuel costs can be reduced through re-engineering or procurement, logistics and energy management – by reducing fuel Carbon is reduced
  2. Social – Procuring and employing locally ensures local sustainable business and communities as well as reducing construction miles and Carbon
  3. Environmental – Reduction of Carbon emissions improves our “Quality of Life” for us and future generations
  4. Ethical/Philanthropic – what Carbon we cannot manage out in our direct activities we can mitigate through pro-actively assisting Ethical and Philanthropic projects in the UK and worldwide

Construction organisations must therefore manage their carbon emissions from their own direct activities in their offices and their projects. These include:

  • journeys made by Admin, Management, Operatives, Deliveries, Waste, and Visitors
  • Utilised gas, water, electricity and plant fuel

To Manage you must Measure - ConstructCO2 is a web based tool providing simple, practical and systematic approach to measuring organisational and project carbon emissions that enables companies and Project Teams to re-engineer their business, design, procurement, logistics and construction processes to minimise their carbon footprint

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