Construction Industry Collaborative Planning System (CICLOPS)

Although the industry can demonstrate that over 80% of the projects are delivered on time it is agreed that the day to day reliability of the traditional contractual programme is on average only between 50% - 55% accurate. That is to say that of planned activities on a given day only 55% are actually happening. The remainder 45% activities are either late activities from previous weeks or activities brought forward. This causes unnecessary waste and inefficiencies.

CICLOPS is designed to give the entire project team an improved planning technique and greater programme control and predictability. It empowers the supply chain and provides a more structured collaborative approach to assist with co-ordinating programme and progress monitoring and reporting.

Focused around Weekly Work Plan Meetings that provide the forum for a full review of the weekly work tasks, which subsequently creates a ‘programme’ of work activities for the forthcoming week.

Without the meeting there is no assurance the parties would communicate to this degree and produce a team ethic, which assists in the promotion of productivity and a respect for those within the team.

Chaired by the site/project manager it involves the past planners –The working foreman and supervisors,  the final link in the planning chain, he or she who is responsible for day to day activities and therefore directly in control of construction. the whole supply chain.

CICLOPS is a web based tool  that reinforces collaboration; seeks commitment; fosters trust from everyone on site; benchmarks performance; shares learning and action plans for continuous improvement

It provides a Web based access for all project stakeholders and an online benchmarking against industry

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